Competitiveness barometer

The Subcontracting Exchange provides economic actors in Cameroon with a “competitiveness barometer of industrial subcontracting”. The document, the result of a study carried out by this institution, has "the merit of clarifying the findings, indicating possible solutions, and proposing mechanisms for implementing" the development policy for the sub-sector. contracting recorded in official documents.
Download the Barometer of competitiveness of industrial subcontracting.

The competitiveness barometer of industrial subcontracting, which is presented in French and English, the two official languages ​​of the country, confirms that the economic environment is made up of more than 90% by SMIs/SMEs and VSEs, with an industrial fabric very strongly dominated by the traditional sectors of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.
A task that also falls to the BSTP Cameroon, which as a Technical Information Center in industrial matters felt challenged in the first place. This justifies the commitment of this institution to produce such studies on a regular basis in the future. The barometer of competitiveness of industrial subcontracting commissioned by the BSTP is intended as a decision-making tool, which beyond existing, is intended to produce relevant information that can be used by the various actors concerned.
Download the Industrial subcontracting competitiveness barometer

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