Labeling of SMEs/SMIs

Labeling is a process of recognition of the skills of subcontractors supported by the Cameroon Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange at the end of its support program.
This is an additional and complementary activity to the classic support program for subcontractors of the SPX UNIDO program, which includes:

Census and information in the database of general identification information, technical and specific qualifications of SMEs / SMIs.

comparison of the performance and operational practices of a subcontractor with those of the best international benchmarks.

building the capacity of subcontractors on the basis of the gaps in practices observed at the end of the comparative assessment, and with a view to improving performance.

The SPX's labeling approach reinforces the existing support mechanism and includes 2 key stages:

  • Collection of evidence of the proven competence of the subcontractor;
  • The customer satisfaction survey.

Each step of the BSTP Cameroon support program is a kind of evaluation with compliance and/or performance objectives targeted. Based on the rating of the various criteria of profiling, benchmarking and supply chain management:

NB: Label levels are independent of each other. However, companies wishing to obtain a level II or level III Label are obliged to obtain Labels of the lower level.

Subcontractors who have successfully completed all the stages of the SPX support program above are eligible for certification. The label is awarded if the details to be checked have made it possible to achieve a minimum score of 80 points on the defined criteria.

The labeling activities of the SPX's subcontractors are planned and carried out according to the standard approach for the implementation of the SPX's missions. Satisfactory subcontractors at the end of the labeling receive their parchment.
The Competence Labels awarded by the SPX to the various subcontractors on the basis of their project management expertise in defined specialties have a lifespan of 2 years. The renewal of the Label follows the same initial course of labeling.

Subcontractors who have successfully completed all the stages of the SPX support program and the certification offer a reasonable guarantee of the effective performance of the services requested by a client. During an opportunity to put them in contact with them, the SPX selects the subcontractors in the field of activity and the specialty requested according to the level of label requested by the Principal.

The trigger for the labeling activity is the development of the annual labeling program carried out by a College of Experts of the SPX (constituted by the Director) and validated by the Director of the SPX; a solicitation from the subcontractor company or the Principal Company.

The culmination of this procedure «certifying the subcontractors supported by the SPX» is the delivery of the parchment to each subcontractor who has met the quota of points required by level of label requested.

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