Continuous improvement program

Activate your performance thanks to a continuous improvement program designed for SME subcontractors with a job creation project. Engage in this complete process and focus on developing the skills of your human resources to increase your competitiveness.

How it works ?

  • One of our advisors will visit your company (1 day)
    1. Factory and Office Tour
    2. Discussion with employees and management
    3. Questionnaire covering all aspects of the business:
      1. Supplies
      2. Manufacturing
      3. Quality Management
      4. Human Resource Management
      5. Financial Resource Management
      6. Company Organization
      7. R&D and Engineering
      8. Sales and Marketing
  • We analyze the rating results and compare them with similar companies
  • We send you a full report: 
    1. Detailed presentation of your strengths and opportunities for improvement according to best practices in 'business
    2. Ranking of your results on a scale showing the results obtained by similar companies (benchmarking )
    3. Suggestion of priorities for action to be implemented to significantly improve the performance of your business

  • Discussion with management on the recommendations of the evaluation report
  • Priority of action based on your goals and available resources
  • Identification of prioritized improvement projects and expected results

  • Choice of competent external resources among the suggestions submitted by SPX-CMR and your own contacts
  • Training/accompaniment activities for your employees to implement the chosen improvement projects

  • Regular monitoring of project progress with your SPX-CMR advisor
  • Possibility of follow-up to further improve (only for members)


The contribution of private and public partners allows the SPX-CMR to offer you this service for a fraction of the market cost!
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