Mapping of subcontracting SMIs/SMEs

This document, the result of the exploitation of its database, is a decision-making tool that can contribute to the orientation of the development policies of the industrial subcontracting sector and its actors.
Download the Map of SMEs/SMIs in the subcontracting sector

The mapping of industrial subcontracting SMEs/SMIs is now available. The fifty-page document in French and English gives an overview of the nature of the companies operating in the industrial subcontracting sector in Cameroon. The document exalts their geographic and sectoral distribution in detail.
It thus emerges by way of example from the information contained therein that the Littoral region and mainly the city of Douala concentrates the majority of companies in the main subcontracting sectors.
The “mapping of SMEs/SMIs in the subcontracting sector” thus designed also displays the primacy of certain sectors of activity over others. The mechanical engineering, civil engineering and electrical engineering sectors are full of the largest number of companies operating in the industrial subcontracting sector.
The legal status shows a preponderance of SARLs demonstrating the desire of SMEs/SMIs to be part of the long term. Only in fact and with regard to this mapping, SMEs/SMIs have an average lifespan of five years.
The exploitation of the mapping of SMEs/SMIs shows that the latter are gradually tying up with digital technologies and are gradually seeing their export volume and their turnover evolve. The main countries exporting the know-how of Cameroonian SMEs/SMIs are mainly the countries of the CEMAC sub-region, as shown by the statistics in this mapping. We also learn that women are still lagging behind in the management and management of SMEs/SMIs.
Download the Map of SMEs/SMIs in the subcontracting sector

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