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“suppliers day”, how is it important for smes/smis

A brief reminder of what constitutes this activity of the BSTP which will have as its main actor the town hall of the city of Douala on November 10th.

The "Suppliers Day", which is a flagship activity of the BSTP, is a forum offered to large companies and institutions to exchange with SMEs/SMIs in the industrial subcontracting sector. The final objective is to give SMEs/SMIs the opportunity to eventually become subcontractors of large companies that is to say to win and execute contracts.

The Douala City Council will engage in this win-win game and present to the SMEs / SMIs all its imminent opportunities for subcontracting and the conditions to be met to obtain them. Another final phase of this event will be broken down into direct or B to B connections between SMEs / SMIs, the executives of the Douala City Council and some of their project managers in equipped spaces. This will then be the right time for SMEs/SMIs to present their potential, their references and exchange addresses in two or three minutes.

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